Thursday, June 23, 2005

Summary of the project goals

The trip to the mountains went extremely well despite torrential rain. We saw 80 people in one day. Most for simple parasite medication but 30 consults were other issues ranging from on the spot abscess draining to more tragic diseases that I could not help. There were tears and smiles to fill the void of emotion I initially subconsciously tried to create as I saw the massive crowd accumulate before my eyes. Each time I travel into the mountains my mind races my heart in an inner battle to overcome the feeling of helplessness generated by the knowledge that my resources are too scarce to care for all the people I will see, the knowledge that there will be several I will turn away with out conclusion with out treatment, the knowledge that I too will leave some to die and some will die in spite of my attempts, my frailties will be revealed to me and only me for those who come expect I know it all. I climb the dirt roads full of trenches and remnants of landslides which manifest, physically, the mental journey I am on.

It is through this experience that I remain able to focus on the goal….the goal to develop a medical system that finally allows for more than just medication delivery but attempts to address education as well as prevention. A system that empowers the local physicians with tools to obtain tele-consults from US physicians who want to help, x-rays, lab values and tools that help them deliver the kind of care that they dream of in their hearts. I have set the wheels in motion with my job this year at the University of Rochester Medical Center to arrange for multidisciplinary teams to rotate through the clinic creating a win- win atmosphere of collaboration between Honduras and Home. There are times when I wonder if there is anyone out there as crazy as me who really wants to do this, who can tolerate the physical and emotional flux. I remain encouraged by reports of other universities who have heard of the site and wish to participate as well. We have developed a website to manage the visits and we made a video documentary to help orient volunteers to the inner workings of the site. If anyone is out there who is not in the health field but wishes to give a little time to a great cause there is no lack of need for multiple other types of work and expertise that are needed.

And now I must sleep, my arms are scorched and my soul is restless with anticipation of what the future holds…..


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