Monday, June 06, 2005

Sea Sick

As many of you noticed we have good days and bad days like any other place in the world, but sometimes we have so many highs and lows in a day I get sea sick.

We have been with out money for 7 days.

Someone stole the remaining beans so now we only have rice, plantains and cornflakes with soy milk.

There was a sizable donation over the weekend so many of the workers got part of their salary, (always good for moral).

Our only truck to get into the mountains and pick up new children broke down. I am pretty sure it’s the starter, but the men keep saying it’s just the battery. I”ll be curious to see who is right.

Two volunteers from the states came down today and they are awsome. They just pitched right in and started helping. A willing set of hands can do a world of good in a short period of time here.
Electricity is scarce because we can't pay the bill.

The telemedicine had a small boost today we have received news that we may be able to get satellite internet here at the hospital with an adequate amount of upload at a significantly more affordable price, but we have to get beans first, oh and electricity would be nice too!

As for the children we suffered the same kind of high's and low's. We have two children from one family which have been here twice for approximately 3 mos each time. They are doing terrific. We have been waiting for their parents to return for them. Today their mother returned but with her she brought their little sister. She is 2, her face solemn, her body lethargic, with 4 little limp limbs that are slightly bigger in diameter than a quarter. To give you some perspective, a normal child at two years old should have an upper arm diameter greater than 13.5 cm. That is about 5 inches. She can’t say any words, there is not enough muscle mass to allow her to sit up by herself and she can barely hold her head up. Forget standing. It was good to reunite the family, sad to see the two boys go not knowing for sure they would get their next meal. We were glad the mother brought the little girl not ashamed to admit she just didn’t have the means. We could have kept the two boys but she wanted to take them home. It’s hard to argue that and with our funds in short supply we can’t keep everyone either. In the end we do what we can one mouth at a time and pray for the best.

I have very sad news about Anthony and tonight I just don’t feel like writing about it, maybe tomorrow in the light of day it won’t hurt so much......


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