Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Turning this ship around

Last evening I prayed, I prayed to God to help us out a little here. Coming to Honduras this time I had many more expectations and a great deal more anxiety. Jenny too. She has given up her whole career in Mexico to fulfill a calling. She is finding out what Anita and Steven have already learned. Just because God leads you somewhere it does not necessarily mean the road will seem smooth. Where she comes from in Mexico it is very much like the States. They have fancy cars, fancy clothes, nice homes, heating and air-conditioning, bathrooms and hot water. She had a prestigious job and a decent salary. After her husband died she recognized that there was more to life. The bulk of her family is here in Honduras and so it all seemed to make sense. All that said it is not easy to give up for ever the comforts you know so intimately. Where am I going with all of this….

Since my arrival I think I was just going through the motions. I was absorbing the energy that Jen was sending which was one of desperation, anger and doubt. She has two children in college and this was probably not the most convenient time in her life to make such a drastic change. I can relate as I am sure many of you can as well. Last night as we seemed to be reaching rock bottom, with the Youngbergs needing to go to San Pedro to beg for a loan to cover the cost of the loss from the vocational school, Jenny throwing up her arms with the ignorance of parents and the prospect of changing a medical system in a country where I can’t get them to bathe made it all seem just plain impossible. However, suddenly we found ourselves laughing and talking about how God has influenced our lives. I’m not a bible pusher even though it may sort of sound like it right now, but something changed for us all with just that small conversation.

This morning I got up and I had hot water! It was a miracle…..maybe? ……actually two electricians from the states had arrived to help complete part of the new daycare area and they were not about to take cold showers. They went out back to figure out why the hot water wasn’t working, low and behold they discovered the people who live in the huts on the plantation had figured out how to work the pop off valve to get hot water so it was constantly empty. With great gratitude I began talking with the electricians, discussing the plans for a telemedicine system here and all the trouble I’ve had with up loading via satalite when suddenly the one electrician said that I was in luck as he worked with K-Love a giant satalite driven radio station in the US and he was sure we could work out something to increase the bandwidth. Then Jen arrived smiling and energized. She said “ Bridgette, I done prayed last night and I recognized what you all have been trying to tell me. I need to look ahead not behind, if I keep up with my thinking I’ll go crazy and rot here.”

Our first order of business was to speak with the local doctor to get his input on what would be the best improvement for the medical system here. We told him about some of the technology we could offer with some non-specific ideas about using electronic medical records and community health nurses. Then we waited patiently for him to be a neigh sayer. He is a crafty businessman and very successful. He doesn’t’ have any motivation to change the current system as he benefits quite a bit the way things are. However after barely a pause at all he lurched forward and began speaking with great enthusiasm. He was very supportive and he spoke the truth….it will not be esay and there are a great many obstacle but we need this! That was sooo great!

Then we went to see the Youngbergs and found out that the banker called them and asked if they needed a loan, they didn’t even have to try to find him. He had heard we were struggling and was proactive in helping. Anita and her mother nearly fell off the chair.

"It seems like we may be able to turn this ship around afterall".

In the end I recognized what changed…..we prayed, we let go and let God……


Anonymous BriBri said...

I just saw the weather for Honduras 97 degrees feels like 113 degrees. That’s hot! Hang in there Bridgette.

4:53 PM  

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