Monday, May 16, 2005


After a very long night Friday due to nausea, bugs and bad dreams from something in the medical field we call poly-pharmacy (which in English jeans too dam many drugs). Three antibiotics, an antifungal, an ant malarial and lets not forget the wormer……I feel like a sow being readied for market. Under the pressure, shamefully I folded. In every country sadly enough there are the “Haves” and “Have nots”. I am somewhere in the middle here with enough to buy things but little to buy and no resources to use what is bought making me a “Pseudo Have”. Deciding to become a temporary “Have”, I through my camo bag in my circa 1975 Hyundai (on loan) and drove to the lake where the 4 star resort hotel is located and laid down the plastic! I wanted a hot shower, warm food and a chance to lounge by the pool all day!

The hotel was really beautiful. As you drive in you first notice the grounds, a lot of it. It is isolated without competition from other monstrous hotels and knick knack shops that are the routine in most resort cities around the world. The landscape was impeccable with a combination of fantasy island meets golf course with the lake off in the distance and the grounds completed by two horses grazing about. There was a stereo typical Tike hut bar with an octagon shaped pool. Brilliantly colored flowers, all sizes and shapes, lined the walkways and the architecture was quite modern with giant angled columns finished in light mustard colored stucco. Up close the place was a bit run down. It had a faded sign out front, rust in the door frames and the halls inside were empty. Apparently it had been closed for years and only recently re-opened.

Literally the only person there, in the spirit of it all, I ordered a Pine Colada (yep took a risk on the ice thing but figured with the amount of antibiotics on board it would take a bacterium the size of a small child to grow) and laid out my towel by the pool….. sun blazing (for once no rain, as if even God new I’d had enough), a perfect light breeze and promptly burned myself to crisp tortilla! Yep in 2 hours time I had a sun burn that made me look as if I painted my self with pink nail polish. Ugh!

I stayed long enough to get cerviche and their version of filet mignon. The cerviche was excellent but I’m not really sure what part of the cow (if it was a cow) was in my filet but all in all it was pretty tasty stuff especially given my vegetarian diet of beans rice!

All in all it was a beautiful few hours with lots of time to ponder life and what meaning this whole experience has brought to my life. There was a surreal moment when I was standing out on the veranda overlooking the water, alone, with the sun setting, pouring a bright light across the land in front of me in stark contrast to the thick dark clouds folding in around the mountain peaks in the distance…..I felt peace and sadness simultaneously. A world so beautiful both because of its rough undeveloped crust and in spite of it. In time it too will be overdeveloped and sprawling taking on a new set of social problems and inequities. We fight one battle only to bring on a new one but that is the nature of progress. The people here don’t realize that and have a difficult time understanding the nature of our interventions, can’t help but wonder if they might actually be the wiser sometimes…..


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