Sunday, May 01, 2005

Day One Environmental Shock

Yeah limited email access but I'll take it:)

Made it safely however have had several mosquito bites already. Oh well so much for the super special triple steel bug repellant (I think we were lied to Karla). As for the trip down, not too many problems. Of course I got searched at every checked point with a fine tooth comb.... literally. They wiped down every bottle of medicine with a drug paper and ran it through the computer. At one check point three security guards were called over urgently to view the x-ray of my bag. They all looked at me at the same time with some murmuring and very abruptly took me to a back corner table where they questioned me heavily and tore through my bags forcefully, I was thinking holly crap what did I pack, then.....they pulled out my tuning fork and my Otto scope and began to chuckle somewhat embarrassed. Apparently these peculiar objects looked like a gun on the x-ray device. At any rate I made it to Honduras where they too were freaked out about all the drugs, just as they were about to put me through the ringer I whipped out my handy dandy letter from the Honduran Consulate (written in Spanish, so I have no idea what it said) and they waived me through.
We drove 2 hours on dirt roads with large pot holes that make Pittsburgh pot holes seem like minor divots. There were people carelessly crossing the roads as if getting hit by a 4 wheel drive pick up wouldn't be such a bad thing.
When we arrived at the orphanage at an altitude of 2,300 feet it was pouring rain and a thin man with a huge shotgun approached the truck. He is our security guard an ex Contra rebel with a story for another time. His presence was both comforting and disturbing.

I was dropped off at my room we unloaded the bags and boom they were gone. I walked in the door and the good news was I have my own bathroom, the bad news is I share it with a million cockroaches and a 4 cm sugar cane spider that seemed to have the run of the joint.

Yep nauseated! I did my best to clear the place of what I could and I made a fortress of netting around my cot to keep the critters from crawling on me in my sleep. It took me two hours to get it all set up. I'm not sure if it will work but it helped me to at least lie down. Didn't sleep a wink, afraid to close my eyes.

I have to go now I'm meeting the doctor from Mexico who I heard through the grape vine is very unhappy. She just got here last week and there are no supplies because they were bug infested and the clinic building has to be abandoned due to termites. We are going to try to put our heads together and come up with a plan.



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